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Release Version 2.5.5 Firefox April 16, 2006
  Fixed recognize file extension in upper case
  Fixed ignores front period when adding extension

Release Version 2.5.4 Firefox October 13, 2005
Updated and fixed for Firefox 1.5
  Fixed "Complete URL Hierarchy" subfolder under linux
  Added a check so that rules cannot be added with empty folder locations

Release Version 2.5.3 Firefox August 04, 2005
Fixed bug preventing new subfolders from being created

Release Version 2.5.2 Firefox May 03, 2005
Fixed bug that stopped it from working at all

Release Version 2.5.1 Firefox March 27, 2005
Stability release
-  Removed "left clicks and redirected links" code because it was causing problems
-  Removed downsort's default setting - now defaults to firefox's download settings

Release Version 2.5 Firefox August 24, 2004

-  Fixed downloading on single left-clicks (everything but images)
-  Fixed saving a webpage as complete html or text
-  Added more subfolder options: Referring domain, extension, and complete URL hierarchy
-  Added a default setting for all downloads not in a defined list
-  Added ability to grab redirected downloads
-  Added option to use regular expressions instead of keywords
-  Added option to show an autosave notification in the statusbar

Release Version 2.0.3 Firefox June 09, 2004

-  Repackaged for upcoming Firefox 0.9
-  Fixed showstopper

Release Version 2.02 Firefox January 15, 2004

-  Fixed for upcoming Firefox 0.8
-  Got rid of the max length for extension and keyword entries

Release Version 2.01 Firebird September 28, 2003

-  Compatible with Firebird 0.7 and nightlies later that July 25th (not backwards compatible)
-  Added alternate date format, choose between mm.dd.yyyy or
-  Fixed permissions on folders created in linux

Release Version 2.0 Firebird July 27, 2003

-  Added keywords - Keywords are used to match to any part of the URL of a downloaded file.  Keywords take precedence over the listing for a file extension
-  Added optional sub-folders: date and website (i.e. "")
-  Added more options when starting a download:  1)  Automatically download to specified folder  2) Prompt for a filename in the specified folder  3)  Prompt for a filename in the last used folder for this listing
-  Added option to overwrite a duplicate file
-  Added single-click download for extensions that have mime types set to always download
- [July 28, 2003]  Fixed bug that prevented the extension from working if there are no keywords defined
- [July 29, 2003]  Fixed incompatibility with Mouse Gestures

Release Version 1.0a Firebird May 20, 2003 - Mozilla May 21, 2003

- Fixed incompatibility with Mouse Gestures

Initial Release Version 1.0 Firebird May 14, 2003

- Initial version for Firebird